Our wooden handcrafted sunglasses will place you at the center of attention;
strongly customizing whom ever wears them.

A combination of Black sandal wood, walnut wood  and UV 400 polarised mirror
lenses. Tocca di Legno conveys elegance and timeless fashion.

Our wooden sunglasses are eco friendly and one of a kind.

As each Tocca di Legno wooden eyewear is handcrafted, every pair of
eyewear guarantees individual attention to detail and quality.

UV 400 polarised reflective color lenses allow dynamic color changing depending on
angle and light which provides an intense look.

Our idea is to create original wooden sunglasses using quality material, unique designs and superior
techniques so you can enjoy wearing them for years from now.

Tocca di Legno eyewear is a mix of eternal style with luxurious hardwood
that makes a bold statement.